Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Got a Grill!

Devin and I finally got ourselves a shiny new grill. It's portable but we also ordered the tall stand for it. It's a propane grill, so we got a 1lb propane bottle for when we take it somewhere, and we'll get a 20lb one for when it's on its tall stand at home. This is seriously the coolest portable grill I have ever seen. Devin found us some massive t-bones, so we're making steak, asparagus, and zucchini tonight.

Here is a link to the grill.

We paid less than $200 for the whole setup, with free shipping, plus it came assembled. You don't get a better deal than that.

We're taking it out to the truck race next weekend!

Here we go with our feast. We made brats, too! Image uploading and linking are both being stupid right now so here's a link to the image.

Also, check out my followers now. How cool is that?! Hi Chef Rick!

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