Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lunch Rush

Today I had a lunch rush while working alone on my station. One of the pastry cooks came to help but really didn't know what to do (not like I know what to do on her station, so I don't blame her at all!), so I had to deal with it myself. It was pretty wild for about an hour, until my backups showed up.

We were supposed to have another kid (that kid who was gone for three weeks) show up at 3PM today. He didn't. My chefs had no idea that I was working the station alone and was left with little to no prep and an AM staff who couldn't communicate to me what needed to be done.

There's a big event we're hosting on Monday. Luckily that's my day off, but tomorrow will involve a lot of prep for the event. I'm betting on being slammed between 3-4, my "alone" hours on my station, again.

Also, who orders a Caesar salad at a restaurant that serves Mexican and Chinese food? Apparently a lot of people, but isn't that strange?

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