Monday, June 6, 2011

It's been since February?!

I apologize for being lazy with my blog.

Work has been decent but hectic for the past week or so. We lost several people, so the schedule has been messed up. I had to work yesterday, a Sunday. It was actually a really fun shift, but I just cannot work on Sundays. I've also put in for Saturdays off; I figure someone has to have Saturday and Sunday off, why not me?

My Chef told me that I'm running the station now, and as long as I keep up my high standards, she will give me the hours I want. I feel good knowing that they're happy with my performance. I've definitely become really good at what I do.

In other news, I am trying to decide whether I am tired of the name of this blog. I know I'm tired of the web address, so as soon as I figure out a better one, I'll be changing that. How does Pantry Princess sound? Queen of the Pantry? Sultana?

The other half and I have a few trips coming up. We've got San Francisco, which is always good eats, and probably a fishing trip in San Diego sometime this summer. Mmm, fish tacos! We are also going to Jamaica in a few months, and we are both very excited about eating the food!

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