Sunday, July 11, 2010

Europe Post #2: CANDY!

Because I am an adult, I would like to talk about the candy that is easily accessible in Europe (and even Canada) that we just do not have here.

First, my favorite. Aero bars. I could order them from Amazon, I could ask my Canadian friends to send them to me, or I could just buy five giant ones at the airport for a quid each.

Ah, Kinder chocolate. My oldest love. I have been a fan of Kinder since I was... well, a kinder. It means 'child' in German, right? Anyway, I love Kinder eggs, Kinder bars, and Kinder Bueno. I bought a fantastically large package of Kinder bars. This picture is only 1/4th of it (that's me with no makeup and bad lighting trying to eat the cardboard).


In other countries, Smarties aren't chalky pedia-sure type "candy," they are actual candy. They're like M&Ms, but better because they're harder to find.

Of course, some chocolate from the Guinness brewery.

I hope this tour of European candy has been enjoyable. It's not as crazy or exciting as Asian candy, but I gotta say, it sure is nice to know that there are still four giant Aero bars in my freezer.

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