Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Cooking Day in Foundations II: Stuffed Chicken Thigh and Breast

Today was the last day in Foundations II that we learned a new recipe. Tomorrow is my practical exam and I am totally nervous. We'll be assigned one protein with a cooking method, a starch, a vegetable, and a sauce. It could be anything we've made so far, from lamb chops to Eggs Benedict to gnocchi, and we're working individually with a two hour time limit. I'm really nervous that I'll end up being assigned a dish that has components that are either time consuming, difficult, or a combination of both.

I will freak out if I have to make Espagnole sauce or one of its derivatives. I almost hope I get Eggs Benedict, but I really doubt I will, since "cooking" the Canadian bacon just involves heating it up. Something with Bechamel or Veloute, or heck, even Tomato sauce would be fine. In fact, I hope I get the Fish en Papillote, since I made that from start to finish last time and it worked perfectly. I am over-thinking this.

My friend Tim is coming over later to watch cooking shows with Devin and me, and to go over recipes. We're also both working at that event that I mentioned last Friday after the practical exam, so tomorrow should be a rough one, but satisfying.

Stuffed Chicken Thigh and Breast (4)
This was a really nice dish. I made the stuffing for the chicken while Gus and Lazaro hollowed out the pieces for stuffing. The stuffing we made was ground chicken with cream, cayenne, and nutmeg. Today, since we only had one dish to make, we had free reign to make side dishes. I made the Gratin Dauphinoise again, because I'm good at it, Gus made Rosti Potatoes, and Matt made fries and chicken wings by the time our chicken was done. It ended up perfect, so we got the 4, which makes me feel good about tomorrow, for sure. The sear on the chicken made the skin crispy and it tasted almost fried, yum.

We got out half an hour early today, which is always nice.

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  1. Good luck on your exam tomorrow! You will be amazing. I have faith :)