Friday, September 18, 2009

Pork Roulade, Lamb Chops, and Chicken with Pan Gravy

Well hello there. Class was good today, and I got an exciting offer- both Chefs pulled me aside and quietly asked me if I work in the afternoons. I said no, and they proceeded to tell me that they needed three talented people to volunteer at an event next Wednesday at the Plaza hotel, and they had chosen me first! I was totally flattered and of course I said yes. I'll be making appetizers and small dishes, and working with an executive chef from one of the upscale restaurants in town. I wasn't sure the chefs liked me that much, or thought I was that good or that hard of a worker, but I guess they do! I'm stoked. It'll count towards my volunteer hours, which aren't required at my school, but we get medals and certificates for volunteering, and it looks good on a resume.

And now, on to the food.
Lamb Chops (2- I know, ugh. It was overcooked)
Lamb chops didn't seem hard to make. Once we're done Frenching the bones, brush with oil, season, wrap the bones in foil, cut, and serve. Thing is, we thought they were undercooked when we cut them, so we put them back in the oven cut open, and they cooked too much. Our port wine reduction was delicious, though.
Chicken with Pan Gravy (4)
This is a fairly straightforward chicken dish; we trussed and roasted a whole chicken on a bed of mirepoix, and then used the pan to make the gravy for the top of the chicken. Our chicken was slightly undercooked but we popped it back in and got it perfect. Mmm, gravy.
Pork Roulade (4)
This is a big stuffed pork roast, so I took the lead on this one - I love pork. I made the filling (mushrooms, onions, shallots, bread crumbs, butter), rolled it up, trussed it, watched it in the oven, and sliced it. It came out perfectly and was so delicious. We had five perfect slices, and there are five people on our team. I did not bring home any pork roulade. This is a dish I will make again, though.

Look for a post soon about the San Gennaro Feast and the Greek Food Festival, both of which I'm going to this weekend.

And finally, I'd like to say hello to my readers, who make me so happy and make posting this all worthwhile, especially the chicks from my board, one of whom has a fun blog too. I'll let her post a link to it as a comment if she wants. And hello to Devin, my supportive, awesome boyfriend, who is very excited that I am learning all the fancy cookin's.


  1. That is awesome that you get to work at that event! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on the event offer! SO awesome. And I really want to make this turkey roulade I saw on Emeril once. It has bacon in it. Enough said.