Thursday, August 5, 2010

Busy Thursday, Exciting Friday

Today we had to prep a couple hundred sandwiches and wraps for a graduation being held at the Oakey location, and we had to do it in two hours. I took a leadership role and also worked really hard on the line to get it done. We did it all during the biggest breakfast rush we've had since I've been working there!

Tomorrow, Chris and I are working with Chef to create menus for upcoming parties, and Abbie and Ethan will be on the line by themselves. Chef wants to push them to work harder and quicker, and they will definitely have to. Tomorrow is payday Friday for the employees at Opportunity Village, which is the craziest lunch service I've seen so far.

We need to plan menus for at least two large events. One is for 300 people, and I believe it's a $10 per person budget! I always look to my favorite restaurants for inspiration, and I'll bring a couple of cookbooks in to look through as well. Tomorrow should be a fun day, and should bring new and exciting challenges that I've yet to take on.

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