Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Little Touches (another Lotus post)

Lotus of Siam was amazing tonight. Devin and I tried three new things: the BBQ beef, the catfish soup, and the wonton appetizer. Of course they were all awesome.

The wontons look like any old fried wontons, but the flavor is the difference. They were delicious and came with a sauce that just enhanced that.

I usually get Tom Yum Kai soup, but I'm not a huge fan of the chicken in it. I realized that there was an option on the menu that was basically the same soup with catfish instead for only a dollar more, so I went with that. At an 8 out of 10 spicy, it was hot (for me; if you aren't used to spicy go for a 3) and delicious. My favorite soup with my favorite fish!

The BBQ menu is one we've never ordered from. I think it's because I think BBQ sauce, but for the Thai restaurant, BBQ just means grilled. The beef was great, and the sauce it came with was delicious.

Here's where the little touches come in. We took some of the BBQ beef, pad Thai, rice, and soup to go. They boxed it all up for us. I just went to have one more bite of beef, thinking, "too bad we finished all the sauce," and on top of the beef, in the to go carton, was a little to go thing of sauce.

So cheers to Lotus of Siam, not only for having amazing food, but for being incredibly thoughtful to their guests. Also cheers to Suwat, our bowling buddy, who is an awesome waiter and completely kicked our asses in bowling on Friday night.

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