Monday, August 9, 2010

Plans Fall Through

So that Friday where Chris and I were supposed to sit in a room and plan menus, yeah that didn't happen.

First, Abbie and Ethan were swamped with breakfast orders so we got called out to help at around 8:15.

Just before 9, Chef mysteriously disappeared into her office with some people. Apparently, there was a shakeup, and a new executive chef, and the other location would be closed until further notice. We were all confused enough by that.

Strike three! Chef told us we had a surprise lunch we had to cater, and it had to be done by 11. Two hours to make sandwiches, wraps, and two salads for a party of 10-20. I made the green salad and the wraps; Ethan and Abbie made the sandwiches, and Chris made the pasta salad. It's a good thing that all four of us were at the same location that day.

I got my evaluation today; all good. I need to do one for Chef and turn it in by Friday. Come Friday, I'm halfway done with my externship!

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