Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh, Right, I Got a Job.

I'll be working at RESTAURANT (name removed by request of my work) at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino starting later this month. The owner is Chef Jose Andres, who's really a badass.

This news isn't too late; I only found out on Monday. Now for a busy three weeks of relaxation before I have to start working.

Relaxation, yeah right. Last night I made fresh pasta and a huge double cut pork chop, both of which turned out great. It was only my second attempt at fresh pasta and it worked out so much better than the first time! It was delicious.

I also made homemade pizza tonight. The only thing I didn't make was the cheese and pepperoni, because who has time and resources to make those things? My crust and sauce were great, so I'm proud of that.

My new butcher shop also kicks ass. They make the best jalapeno-chipotle brats. We made them on the grill last week and they were so good that today I went back to buy two of every brat they make. It's like Noah and the ark, except delicious. They are only marginally more expensive than grocery store brats but miles and miles more flavorful. The shop is called The Butcher Block and it's on South Rainbow between the 215 and Robindale.

I really have been relaxing. It's nice being able to do that after a busy year and a half of school. Come the 29th I won't be able to relax much more, and I'll have to rejoin the real world.

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  1. A couple of my friends actually made goat cheese a week or too ago. Pretty good for their first try.