Sunday, November 28, 2010

San Francisco Trip

Every time Devin and I visit my parents in San Francisco, we pretty much eat the whole time.

Wednesday night, we arrived and went straight to Cha Cha Cha. It's a Cuban style tapas place. They have great sangria, and we always order lots of dishes. This time, we got the sauteed mushrooms, the fried new potatoes (that come with the most amazing aioli), the jerk chicken, the paella, and a salad.

For Thanksgiving, we went out to Italian food at Fior d'Italia. We aren't much on Thanksgiving so we ordered from their regular menu instead of the holiday menu with the turkey and all that. I got fetuccini de tutti mare, or something that resembles what I just typed. It was fetuccini and mixed seafood. I've been really liking seafood recently. The meal came with minestrone, and a Caesar salad, which I have been craving, and finished off with their tiramisu. The dessert was really decadent, like eating straight whipped cream.

Friday we went to the sushi boat place that's downtown. I have no idea what it's called. Sushi boat is always a good time. Later that night, my best friend (since 3rd grade!) met up with Devin and me at Murios, and we ordered a potato pizza from Escape from New York. That's one thing I will not miss when I visit my hometown. Potato, whole roasted garlic cloves, cream sauce... oh, yum. It's delicious.

Saturday before we took off we ate at Park Chalet, a brewpub out by the beach. I always get the beer sampler there. They have altered their menu to make it more tapas-style, which is nice. We ordered a three-mushroom pizza with white truffle oil that was just a bit over the top. The mac n cheese also had the oil, but it was used with more restraint in that dish. Devin and I shared a French onion soup, which we enjoyed very much since it's something that neither of us has a chance to have often.

That was my trip. We went to lots of bars as well, but this post is long enough. Tomorrow I start my new job at my restaurant. I guess I'm excited.

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