Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Potato Day

I honestly don't remember what the first thing we made was called. It was similar to a frittata, but Chef called it something else. It was delicious, just eggs, potatoes, onions, and garlic. Most of us ate it with hot sauce.

We made vichysoisse, which is a cold potato leek soup. It's better hot, so when I have my leftovers I won't be calling it vichysoisse.

Then we made potato pancakes by grating potatoes, adding in some flour, egg yolk, and seasoning, and pan-frying them.

But the best part was the smashed potatoes. Not mashed, smashed. We boiled some waxy potatoes until they were done, and smashed them into a patty with a frying pan. That was really fun to do. Then we pan-fried them and served them with sour cream and bacon bits. It was like ordering potato skins at a restaurant, except you get the whole potato. Chef said one of his old restaurants served their filet mignon on top of one of those, and it was always a huge hit. I can see why.

We also started our carnitas for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!

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