Sunday, May 16, 2010

Restaurant Reviews: Firefly

Ah, Firefly. Where do I even begin?

Right. I begin with sangria, like I always do. Happy hour gets you half off sangria plus a free tapas. A pitcher during regular hours will be around $18 and should get two people through dinner at around three glasses each. They offer red, white, and sparkling sangria. I can't say I've tried any other than the red; why mess with perfection?

A free bread basket is always good, especially when it comes with the amazing herb butter they make in-house. Olives are served on the side.

The menu isn't huge but seems daunting. You absolutely have to read the titles and the descriptions of each dish. Does "Stuffed dates" sound appealing? Maybe it does, but the additional "bacon wrapped, smoked almond, red wine reduction, blue cheese" can't hurt.

Assuming you're a party of two, and you've waded through the menu, order at least three things per person. Of course, at happy hour for a snack, one item is perfect, but I'm talking dinner here. Some dishes that my other half and I never fail to order: Stuffed Dates (sometimes one order for each of us; an order gets you five), Chicken and Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms, Manchego Mac n Cheese, Mushroom Tart, and Petite Filet. Some that are not always necessary but we love them: Patatas Bravas, Albondigas, Crispy Duck Rolls, and Steak and Mushroom Skewers. We probably end up with ten different dishes every time we go there.

I would like to make it through the entire menu, but my go-to plates are so delicious that I'm only able to try one or two new things every time! Last time I did get the Crispy Duck Rolls for the first time, and I will definitely be getting them again. I haven't tried any of their five entrees, but I'm intrigued by the Paella and will try it soon.

This is another do-not-skip-dessert place. There are very few places where I must have dessert; this is one of them. At least every second time I eat at Firefly, I order the Chocolate-Cherry Bread Pudding. Actually, desire would be a more appropriate word. I desire this dessert. Bread pudding is my favorite dessert, and this is one of the best I've ever had.

Firefly has two locations. One is downtown in the Plaza hotel, with a gorgeous view of Fremont street from a big glass dome where most of the seating is. The other is on Paradise, near the Hard Rock, convenient for visitors from the Strip, with excellent ambiance and an outdoor patio. The food is excellent and the menu is the same at both locations.

Parking is easy and free. Reservations are a good idea; they can be made via OpenTable.

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