Monday, October 12, 2009

Cheese Souffle

We didn't get graded again today, because Chef said it wasn't really fair to grade us on something we'd never done. I had a great team today- Tim, Ethan, Jose, Pico, and Gustavo.

Our team made half of our souffles with cheddar, half with blue cheese. I gotta say, I wasn't a fan. They needed something else- some meat or spinach or something other than just egg yolks and cheese. At least we cooked them right, though. I made the Bechamel sauce myself. We had skirt steak as well; it had been marinating over the weekend, and it was delicious. Chef made Bearnaise sauce, which I'm also not a huge fan of. We're making it ourselves tomorrow and I'm going to bring in some Tabasco to add to mine.

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