Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally Ate the Duck Confit! Yesterday's Dishes Included.

The duck confit was salty and delicious. We also made rice pilaf today, as well as a salad and some garlic butter for some bread that the Baking and Pastry kids made. No grades today, but it was fun.

Brussels Sprouts Paysanne, Braised Fennel, Steak with Maitre d'Hotel Butter, Cauliflower au Gratin, more freakin Duchesse Potatoes (4.5 out of 5)
We'd made the brussels sprouts dish before, so that was fine. The fennel should have been easy, but it's the only thing we got knocked down for because it was still undercooked even though it was basically transparent. The steak was cooked perfectly, thanks to Pico. I did the potatoes at the end in about five minutes, forgot the egg yolks, and they were still good, and seasoned well. I made the cauliflower as well, because believe it or not, I love cauliflower. You can't really go wrong with mornay sauce (Bechamel with Gruyere and Parmesan) and doing a dish gratin style. I was mean and took all the small gratin dishes first thing, but hey, I got to them first and there are only five of them!

Not too bad. The rest of the week is a lot of veal stuff and some risotto.

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