Friday, October 9, 2009

The Day from Hell, and The Complete Opposite

I didn't post yesterday because I was really frustrated, so here's yesterday:

Poeler Duck with sauce Bigarade, Pan Fried Duck, Turkey Scallopini with Shiitake with Veloute, Spinach Timbales, Roasted Shallots, Glazed Turnips, Gratin Dauphinoise, Potato Croquettes (4 out of 5)
This day went well and we were the first ones finished, but my frustration was because we had to re-plate our dishes twice and listen to a lecture on plating while our food got cold. Anyway, the duck was delicious, both ways. I made the Bigarade sauce, which starts with caramel, then vinegar, then reduces with stock. The Scallopini was okay, but I'm not a huge turkey eater. I loved the mushrooms. The spinach dish was made in a mold and came out almost like Jell-O. I was told by my teammates who had some not to even try it, so I didn't (bad Eve). The turnips were okay, shallots were great, Dauphinoise was great as always, and the potato croquettes were fun. We made balls of potato and instead of bread crumbs, we used Parmesan cheese, and fried them. Yum. And yes, that's the most we've made in one day.

Today we listened to Chef talk about different cuts of beef, and he demo'ed some of them. He is a former butcher, so it was pretty impressive. Then we pretty much had free reign, Chef told us to make a salad, fries, and steak, so we did, then we ate. We made eggs, too, for the hell of it. It was fun. No grades today, which is nice for a Friday where I had tests in both my other classes!

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