Thursday, October 1, 2009

Filleting a Fish

Today, we learned how to fillet a fish. I totally filleted my own whole striped bass, including taking the skin off and all that, then poached it in butter, and ate it with a brown butter sauce. It's called Maniere style, or "The Miller's Wife Style." It was delicious. As a class, we made rice pilaf and fennel salad for side dishes, and Chef actually let us sit down and eat for fifteen minutes. It was a fun day, and I like this class a lot. I even have some leftovers from today that I've brought home.

No grades today, but Matt and I brought up our fish (we all made our own), and Chef said, "Good." So I guess we did well.

I know my posts have been short, but again, that's because we've been making whole dishes and not always getting graded. This class is more about learning how to really cook, vs. my last class, which was about following precise directions. I'm more proud of myself for filleting a whole fish than I am for making a perfect risotto (not that that wasn't awesome, too).

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