Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Duck Day Teaser , and Random Meal Day

It turns out real Duck Day is tomorrow, but today we broke down the ducks, complete with *ugh* innards, so we can do two dishes with them. We did the breasts plain but the thighs and legs are getting cured until at least Friday, possibly Monday. Then we made our turkey medallions, and then we all started wondering what we were going to do for two more hours.

Chef called me up and said, "Go find out what starch people want to eat and get to work on it." The consensus was mashed potatoes, so I got cooking with Norma and Jamie on those, along with a pan gravy. We added bacon and chives, and had Parmesan on the side, which of course I sprinkled on top of my portion! Who knew Parmesan was good on mashed potatoes?

Matt ended up poaching some chicken legs and thighs and finishing them on the grill. Chef made ratatouille, and some of my other classmates made turkey meatballs with the turkey scraps we had left over.

Eventually Chef brought out a chocolate cake that the baking and pastry kids had given us, so we had quite the impromptu feast today. I'm not sure what the plan for today was, but it turned out well. I guess I don't have to mention that we didn't get graded today.

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