Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chicken, and More Chicken

Yesterday wasn't that thrilling. We each had to break down a chicken into quarters for yesterday and today. We took an airline breast, which is a breast with part of the wing still attached, and just seared and roasted them. We didn't get graded on that but it was pretty tasty.

Ballotine de Poulet Grand Mere with Bacon, Lentils, Fruit Salsa, and Chasseur Sauce (4.2 out of 5)
The Chasseur sauce is one of my favorites because it has mushrooms in it. We poured it over the chicken, which was a leg and thigh stuffed with pretty much whatever we wanted plus bread crumbs. We made the stuffing with standard mirepoix, lots of butter, mushrooms, and bread crumbs. It was delicious. "Grand Mere" is French for "grandmother," so it's a very simple style of cooking, using what you have around your kitchen, like leftover bread.

The lentils were already cooking on the stove, so we had free reign with those. We decided to do those in butter with mushrooms and garlic, and then we topped them with Parmesan cheese, which turned out to be a really good move (my idea- go me!).

I made the fruit salsa with mango and papaya, and a little red onion and tomato. The only problem with my salsa was that I needed something green in it; I should have thought of cilantro or something. I just hate green bell peppers so much that I couldn't ruin my delicious salsa with them, and we were out of jalapenos. The fruit salsa didn't go with anything we made today, but it was really fun to make. Papayas are hard to work with, I learned.

I'm just happy we got to pick our own groups today! I worked with Jose, Ethan, Victor, and Pico, and we were the only team that finished on time.

Tomorrow is our first day working with duck.

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  1. I love to cook SO MUCH, but I don't think I could handle making fish. I hate it. Or duck.