Sunday, December 13, 2009

Grandma's Lebanese Recipes: A Tabbouleh Party

Here is my grandmother's breakdown of the oh-so-awesome tabbouleh party.

Our famous dish of Tabbouleh, when served at tea time in the afternoon, is called a Tabbouleh party (see recipe for Tabbouleh).

First serve Tabbouleh and drinks. Then serve sandwiches, cakes, cookies, fruit, tea or coffee.

It is fun to have a Tabbouleh party for your friends and let them enjoy the taste, the color, and the high food value of this dish.

/end Grandma

I have no idea what "high food value" means, but I love it. I'm going to have a Tabbouleh party soon. Oh, and if you don't know, tabbouleh is a salad made mostly with parsley, and I'm not really its biggest fan.

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