Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Practical #3, Day 1

I made my puff pastry for my pithivier today. I also made my genoise cake and my mini-cheesecakes. Frangipane cream for pithivier is done. Kirsch syrup for the cake is done.

Tomorrow's schedule:
French buttercream (to frost the cake)
Cut cake into three pieces, frost, refrigerate,
Put together pithivier, bake.
Make tuile cookies and concern myself with plating.

Oh, and our written final is tomorrow. I wrote my paper in about 20 minutes, so that's all done. I'm not too worried about this practical. I do really want an A in the class, so I'll put as much work into my three cheesecake plates as is necessary. I will post pictures if they turn out well!

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