Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pithivier and Palmiers

Today we used our puff pastry dough to make pithivier and palmiers. I had no idea palmiers were made with puff pastry, but there you go. My palmiers ended up in a hot spot in the oven, so half of them were overcooked (well, burned), but the rest were delicious. Palmiers is just a puff pastry cookie-like thing with cinnamon sugar.

Pithivier is puff pastry pie that's made with two circles of puff pastry, stuffed with Frangipane (almond) cream. It's delicious, and Chef said mine was really pretty.


After we made all the puff pastry things, we started our sauces for plate decorating. I got my raspberry sauce, my creme Anglaise, and my chocolate sauce done today. Tomorrow I just have to get my caramel sauce done and make some tuile cookies for accent pieces. I need to make a really cool template for my tuile cookies so my final practical plates look awesome. Maybe I could do a Hello Kitty template! I was thinking about some snowflakes too. I will experiment with them tomorrow and post the results!

Chef Kelly is out tomorrow, so Chef Wendy is going to sub for her. I heard a rumor that she's going to make us jambalaya! Oh, real food, how I miss you.

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