Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lasagne, Flatbread, Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese

Today my team rocked so hard that all Chef told us was, "Keep it up." He was really impressed, plus we were the first team to be done and have a clean table with beautiful plates. Plating dishes is really fun when we're allowed to get creative.

We decided to make our lasagne in a single-portion terrine, and we used the fettuccine instead of the flat pasta that's made for lasagne. We layered the pasta on the bottom, then the ricotta and the parmesan, then some tomato sauce, and we topped it with more cheese. We were going to unmold it but it looked so good gratin-style we decided to leave it in there. It did unmold successfully when we tried it after Chef looked at it, which was a nice surprise. We weren't positive that it would hold together, but it did.

The flatbread was basically made yesterday; we just had to bake it and add our toppings. We made four breads, two with the spinach and pine nut topping that we prepared yesterday, and two makeshift pizza style, with red sauce, jalapenos, mozzarella, and a little spinach. They were delicious, and Chef loved our plating. We cut the spinach flatbread into slices and placed them on a really cool curved plate. It looked awesome.

Finally, the grilled cheese and tomato soup. I made the soup pretty much perfectly. I always seem to end up working on the soup. Every group was having a problem with a bitter aftertaste, which I solved by adding sugar. I didn't let them in on the "secret" (It's not a secret; I add sugar to every pasta sauce, why not soup?) because I am mean like that. Gus made the grilled cheese sandwiches, which we used Gruyere cheese in. I made sure he buttered the hell out of the bread, and they turned out great, especially dipped in the soup. Our plating for that was a small coffee mug filled with the soup and a piece of roasted garlic in the middle of a long plate that held the sandwiches, quartered.

We start getting graded tomorrow, but I wish we had been graded today! We were nearly perfect. Brag brag brag.

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