Thursday, February 25, 2010

Middle Eastern Day

Of course I was happy about having a whole Middle Eastern day. We had to make pita bread and falafel, and when I saw the chickpeas and tahini I declared that I was also going to make hummus. We had some chicken in the walk-in that were for us to use, so I channeled my mom and made a lemon-herb marinade for it. One Chef looked at our stuff and said, "Well you definitely kept to a theme!" It was great.

Then, something interesting happened.

A guy came straight up to me in our kitchen, introduced himself as "Ben," and said Chef told him that I was a writer. I said I'm kind of a writer, and he asked why I was in culinary school. I told him, "so I can write about food!" and he asked if I wanted to be a chef. I told him not really, but I might do it in the short term until I get my writing career going. I even said something about wanting to be able to work from home. He asked about my experience and I said I had front of house experience, plus minimal cooking experience.

Then... he gave me his card and told me to email him my resume. I looked at his card, and he's the executive chef at an upscale restaurant in one of the Station Casinos. Maybe he was impressed by my honesty? I basically told him that there's no way I want to be a chef in the long term, and he still wanted my resume. I have no idea what that was about, but maybe I'll look into doing my internship there. He's the chef at the one Station Casino that is absolutely on the other end of town from me, but he might know someone at a closer restaurant. Time to beef up the resume and send it out, I guess!

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