Friday, February 26, 2010

Butternut Squash Soup and Stir-Fry

Today we had two recipes to make, so we decided that Gus and I would make the butternut squash soup, and Ethan and Justin would make the stir-fry.

The soup was so easy and so good. We just sauteed leeks, carrots, and onion, then added the spices and squash and sauteed those for a couple of minutes. Then we added stock and let it simmer until the squash was tender. We pureed the soup and blended in a little cream. Our garnishes were some creme fraiche, some caramelizes apples, and some homemade croutons that I fried in butter. It was delicious, which was Chef's reaction as well.

Stir-fry was fun because we got to use the wok. Our classroom only has one and my team had the foresight to grab it first. It had mushrooms, tofu, noodles, and an amazing peanut sauce with hoisin, soy, and Thai hot sauce. Chef really liked that dish, too.

I think this weekend I'm going to try to make a potato-parsnip pureed soup, similar to the butternut squash recipe. I'll probably use a little nutmeg instead of allspice.

We had a quiz today and I only missed one point! Aside from Monday, it's been a really good week!

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