Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quinoa Tabbouleh and Mexican Brown Rice

Today we cooked dishes with heirloom grains. It's a fancy word for organic. The brown rice we used was from a farm in Southern California, pretty close to here.

I'm sure you're all surprised that I, the Lebanese girl, volunteered to make the tabbouleh. Now, tabbouleh doesn't traditionally have quinoa in it, nor does it contain any sort of lettuce, but we are in a class called Contemporary Cuisine, so I tried to roll with it as much as possible. I ended up with a beautiful, delicious plate of tabbouleh and quinoa on a bed of lettuce chiffonade, garnished with thinly sliced cucumbers. I wish I had gotten a picture of it.

The Mexican style brown rice was more time consuming, only because the rice took over an hour to cook. I can't believe there is rice that you can boil for that long and it's still barely cooked! Brian made that dish, and Chef said it was the best one he'd had all day when he tasted it.

It was another really great day in class. Tonight for dinner I am making baby back ribs and gratin dauphinoise.

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