Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Buffet!

Today we had our wedding-themed buffet. We had so much food I couldn't even believe it. No wonder it took us all week to prep and make it!

The pork was my favorite thing in our buffet; it was a roast that Ethan made, marinated in ginger and some other spices. It was roasted this morning over leeks and carrots, and it was so tender I couldn't believe it. We had a roast beef carving station as well, but other than yummy horseradish sauce, I'm not the biggest roast beef fan (I prefer pastrami).

We also served Swedish meatballs, which were fantastic, fried catfish fillets, fried cauliflower, creamed spinach, the gratin that I made with Pedro yesterday, and a bunch of desserts. I was a dessert person since I said I liked baking, so I don't know every dish we had, but there were more that I haven't mentioned.

My chocolate mousse went over really well. We ran out; good thing I snuck one out of the line to take home! Shh.

My fruit carving:

The hot line, with Jose, Gustavo, Matt, and Pedro:

The carving station with Ethan and Steven:

And finally, my own station, desserts, with Corrine, Jamie, Victor, and Genevieve.

Those are my chocolate mousses in front of Gen, taking the picture with the phone. Those other desserts are flan, blondies, lemon shortbread cookies, biscotti, and rice pudding. I have no idea why all five girls in our class were working on desserts, but that's how it went down. It was the five girls, plus Victor.

I know the pictures aren't great again, but at least they're from my actual camera this time instead of my phone!

Today was fun, and we had lots of leftovers to eat after the other classes came through, which doesn't always happen.

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