Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"The best pizza to ever come out of this kitchen"

That's right, according to Chef Kupper, I made him the best pizza he's ever had that came from Cafe Bleu.

Chef Kupper came to the restaurant wanting pizza. It isn't my station anymore, but the girl whose station it currently is happens to have had jury duty this morning. Chef Carlos said I would make Kupper his pizza, and I agreed. Chef asked for grilled chicken, and then asked where I'm from. After my answer, he said, "Well then make me a San Francisco pizza!"

Not knowing what that really meant, I figured artichoke hearts were a safe bet, because they're so California, and then I added olives because olives are great on pizza. I did his grilled chicken as well, just salt and pepper on a few tenderloins. I cooked the pizza 90% in the woodfired oven and finished it in a convection oven to brown the top a little bit.

Even when I dropped the pizza off in foundations 2, Kupper and Chef Mary were all over it, so excited to have pizza, impressed with how it looked. Then Chef Kupper came into the restaurant during service to tell me how great my pizza was. He told Chef Carlos too, so I guess that's some good points for me today!


Oh, and I made two chicken and pineapple sandwiches today. It's getting easy; too bad I only have two more days on that station!

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