Friday, June 4, 2010

Recap: Front of House

Today I was front server, and I had three tables pretty much at the same time. I think I did really well. Of course it took this long to finally be completely comfortable with serving, and now I'm going to the back of the house next week!

I did well on my final and I have an A going into the kitchen. Both classes are graded together, and no one in the kitchen currently has an A, so we'll see how my final grade turns out. I figure if I bust my ass in the kitchen and don't talk back to Chef I'll be fine. He's known for being a little stubborn.

Here's hoping my blog entries from the kitchen will be a little more exciting than the past few have been! The most exciting thing about today is that we had two new soups: carrot ginger, and cream of mushroom. I didn't get to try them but I really wanted to!

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