Monday, June 14, 2010

Prep Prep Prep

I didn't think we could spend five hours just prepping for the week, but apparently we can.

The chicken sandwich is my dish this week, and it's very involved. It's a butterflied chicken breast and a pineapple slice, both marinated and grilled. It comes with a sweet and spicy slaw with an Asian vinaigrette, as well as wasabi mayonnaise, on a croissant. It's served with waffle fries.

So the prep looks like this:
julienne savoy cabbage
julienne bell peppers
julienne red onion
julienne carrot
make Asian vinaigrette (something like seven or eight ingredients)
cut pineapple into rounds and core, something I had never done until today
make wasabi powder, mix into mayo, the easiest step
make marinade for chicken and pineapple
peel potato and use mandolin to make waffle fries, which are more like chips

The prep for this dish is insane, but just like the other dishes I've seen, the actual cooking time won't be bad. All I have to do to make the dish is flat-top the croissant, spread the wasabi mayo, grill the chicken and the pineapple, put it under the broiler, put together the slaw, cut a strawberry for garnish, and plate it.

I think I may have inadvertently chosen the most intricate dish on the menu.

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