Monday, June 7, 2010

First Day in Back of House

Today was my first day in the kitchen at the restaurant. We're closed on Mondays, so it wasn't too bad. I chose pizza to be my first station, both because I love pizza and because I've never made pizza before.

Of course I screwed something up; I added too much water to the pizza dough that I was prepping for tomorrow. Chef and I fixed it and it was fine. Now we have extra dough, so for family meal (that's what we eat before we open for lunch) we get to have pizza, so it was almost a happy mistake! The red sauce was easy to make.

I'm excited to get creative with some fun pizzas this week. Pizza and soup are the only two stations that actually run specials, which means I might actually get to make the "pizza of the day" on the menu, instead of only having Pizza Margherita.

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