Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Still Unclear on how to Spell Portobello

Really, I've seen it spelled a million different ways, portabella, portobella, portobello, etc. Spell check says they're all wrong, so that doesn't help.

My sandwiches came out well today. I made six of them, including two and three at the same time. It's fun and a little bit more simple than the croissant sandwich I made last week.

I had my interview today for my externship. The Chef told me I was the most qualified of anyone he's spoken to, which sounds like a good sign. The problem is that I need to hear if I got the internship by Thursday, so I'm nervous about that part. I don't want to end up staying at the school, which is probably what will happen if I don't hear back in two days. This is Not My Fault, either; my interview was supposed to be a week ago.

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