Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm off to Baking and Pastry!

I don't know my grades yet but I will post them when I do. I'm afraid I got Bs in both Foundations III and Cost Control, but we'll see. I got a certificate and a pin today for having a 4.0 in my first two blocks, and I want another one after the next block, dang it!

Anyway, today we just took our written final in FIII and made lobster and shrimp. It was actually a pretty sweet day; who gets to eat lobster at school? I think I did okay on the final, and I know I did well on my Cost Control final. Like I said, I will post my grades when I get them.

I am nervous. I feel like a brat being nervous about not getting straight As, but that's what my parents instilled in me, and for some reason, it just stuck with me.

Getting up at 10AM for the next six weeks is going to be so, so sweet.

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