Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sourdough, finally! Plus Eclairs.

Today was great! We formed and baked our long-awaited sourdough wheat bread. It was so delicious and I have lots of it for tomorrow's big dinner.

We also made eclairs and profiteroles, which are surprisingly simple and contained the same ingredients. Tim is going to make the leftover chocolate filling into some kind of cake for tomorrow, as well.

About halfway through class, Chef Mary walked in with a cart and asked if anyone needed cranberry sauce or gravy. It was made by students and left over from the charity dinner they put on. We all jumped at the chance! Those were two things I was a little hesitant to make tomorrow, since I've never made cranberry sauce and gravy eludes me on and off. It's like I can only make good gravy half the time. We were going to use a mix! Sweet break for me, huh?

The only problem was carrying it all out to my car!

Tomorrow or Friday I will post about our feast, featuring the Turducken.

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