Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Practical Exam for Foundations III

I am so glad I got to do my practical exam today; half the class has to do theirs tomorrow and now mine is out of the way! I didn't get my grade yet, but I did well. I finished exactly on time. We had to butcher a chicken, start a chicken stock, and make a dish. I made a roasted airline breast, rice pilaf with mushrooms, sauteed carrots and broccoli, and supreme sauce for my chicken. Supreme sauce is made with veloute, heavy cream, and lemon juice. My dish went over well; hopefully I get the A that I want.

Yesterday was just practice for today, so I didn't post anything. All I did in class yesterday was butcher half a chicken and make pilaf. On top of that, last night at home I roasted a whole chicken and butchered another one for the freezer. It looks like practice was key to butchering my chicken perfectly today. I was going to cook the leg and thigh, but Chef came over and raved about my airline breast looking perfect, so I cooked that today instead.

We took our Nutrition final today, and I'm pretty sure I knocked that one out, too. All I have left is a written final in both Cost Control and Foundations III, plus a three day weekend, and then I'm off to Baking & Pastry!

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