Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up, and Key Lime Pie

Today we got out of class an hour early! We made key lime pie, which is really easy. We also had some eclair type things from last week that we filled with a pastry cream/praline filling to make them officially Paris Brest. They're good but way too decadent. I ate one and there was no way I could have another one.

So, about Thanksgiving:
We had about ten people, and food for probably thirty. The turducken was obviously the highlight of the meal. I found it to be very heavy on the duck flavor, which doesn't surprise me since chicken and turkey are both pretty bland. The seasoning and the stuffing were both cajun style, which I enjoyed a lot. I think we have about five pounds of it left in the freezer. Our sides were pretty standard- more stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, the usual. The one thing we finished all of was the gravy!

We have our second practical in Baking and Pastry tomorrow and Wednesday. We are making apple pie, pear tart, and eclairs. I'm pretty sure I'll get everything almost finished in one day, but we'll see. I need to look over my recipes and study up on flour for the written test.

Devin and I are going to Strip Steak tonight for our year and a half-aversary (I know, I know). I'm very excited because that's the restaurant where I had the best filet mignon of my life. I hope it's as good as it was last time!

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