Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bradley Ogden: Blue Cheese Souffle and Roasted Grilled Pork

Today we made dishes inspired by Bradley Ogden, one of which I actually ate when I went to his restaurant.

The boys and I split up again, so I made the souffle and they made the pork loin. Of course I was nervous about the souffle; they are prone to falling or sticking in the ramekin. None of that happened and my souffles came out perfect! I plated two of them on a long plate just like I had at the restaurant, with watercress in a wine vinaigrette, candied walnuts, blue cheese crumbles and dried apples. We used Maytag blue cheese today, and the flavors all went incredibly well together, just like I knew they would.

The pork loin was good. We made a jus for it using the pan drippings and adding mirepoix (just onions and carrots this time, no celery), straining it, and then reducing it. The jus was great but I wanted more than we made!

Apparently blue cheese isn't favored among my classmates, but I absolutely love it to the point where I happily eat it plain, so of course the souffles were great. And now it's obvious why I was so excited about today!

We have quizzes in two classes tomorrow, but that also means tomorrow is Friday!

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