Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Organic Chicken for the Win

Alright, the chicken was good. It was damn good. We decided that organic is the way to go when we want a whole roasted chicken, which I actually do a lot.

For things like my shredded chicken tacos, I'll have to stick with the cheap stuff. It just makes sense when it's basically getting coated with cumin and lime juice. It would be nice if organic was more affordable, but at 400% or more of the cost of a factory farmed chicken, it just isn't.

Seriously, even the gravy was better. The stock I made from the bones was better.
Verdict: Organic is better, if you can afford it and you use all of the bird. It's not worth paying by the pound if you're going to throw away a pound of fat and bones.

If you're interested, the chicken I got was a Rosie's, which is from a farm called Petaluma Poultry. I enjoyed that because I once lived in Petaluma. It was one of the cheapest options for an organic chicken at Whole Foods, around $3.50 a pound, for $19 ish total. To put that into perspective, that will make at least three meals for the two of us, not to mention that I used the fat and the bones to make a pint of gravy and a quart of chicken stock that I feel like I basically got for free.

I think I'm going to go have some sauteed vegetables and gravy now. Yum.

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