Monday, March 8, 2010


First of all, we had our midterm today. It was easy.

Secondly, the great news: We got new groups today which will take us through the end of class! Chef picked the leaders based on grades, and the leaders got to choose their two teammates. Well, guess who has the highest grade in the class and got first pick? I chose Justin and Ethan, and I am thrilled with my picks.

We had a few things to work with today, all of which lent themselves to Indian food, so we went that way. We made a curry with tempeh and cucumber and a lentil puree. I went a little crazy and made a soymilk lassi type drink, with cucumber and jalapeno. Chef said it was good and he liked the idea, but it needed salt. I've never made lassi before so I didn't know that, but Chef said he liked my creativity. We also made parisienne squash (like melon balls) and topped them with ground pistachio, which went over so well that Chef said he was stealing the idea!

Overall, today was great. Isn't that awesome for a Monday?

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