Friday, April 9, 2010

Chinese Stir-Fry and Tempura

Today we made tempura, which is easier than I thought. We made shiitake mushrooms, my favorite, plus eggplant, zucchini, green beans, and shrimp. Oh, and bell peppers, blech. All of the ones I actually ate were delicious, and I know I ate way too much of it!

Then Chef made three stir-frys. We prepped everything and Chef used the wok to make them. The first was Sichuan spicy eggplant and tofu, which was amazing. I love spicy food! Then he made the Mandarin dish. Mandarin is a classier region in China, food-wise. The dish was delicate, with chicken, tree mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. I've never actually seen whole bamboo shoots before; I've only seen the kind cut into strips and canned, so that was interesting. The last stir-fry Chef made was the Cantonese one. He kept telling us that it was the nice version of the Chinese food we are used to.

As I ate, I recognized the taste of all three cuisines. I grew up in San Francisco. We have all kinds of Chinese food, not just Cantonese. A lot of the kids from Vegas hadn't had Mandarin or Sichuan before.

I always see it spelled Szechuan, by the way. I guess it's a translation, so both are probably correct.

Happy weekend! I have AC/DC tickets for tonight; what are you doing?

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