Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stuffed Peppers, Chicken Masala, and Goulash

We started our day making stuffed peppers, Middle Eastern style, so I jumped on that. We sauteed ground beef and set it aside, then sauteed onions and garlic with some spices that included cumin and cinnamon. Then we added some tomato paste and diced tomatoes, threw the beef back in, and mixed it all up. We mixed in raisins, pine nuts, cilantro, and lemon zest. That's where I called it a day and made a bowl of the stuffing for myself. The rest of the stuffing went into bell peppers, which we then baked. The stuffing was delicious; I don't know why anyone would want to taint it with bell peppers. I wish we had gotten some zucchini to stuff!

Then we made chicken masala. It was the first time I made my own from beginning to end. We tossed the chicken in chickpea flour, seared it, and set it aside. Chef made us an aromatic oil to use to continue the dish. We threw some onions, garlic, and ginger in with the oil, along with our masala spice mix, then some tomato. We added the chicken back in and finished the dish with some yogurt. Mine was delicious and I was proud of myself. We made some naan bread to go with the curry.

Some of the kids made spaetzle while we worked on other dishes, because we were going to finally eat our goulash from Tuesday! When it came out and we heated it up, the meat was incredibly tender and the sauce was to die for. The main spice in goulash is paprika, and it has a ton of onions in it as well, which I love. Goulash + spaetzle + shredded cabbage + sour cream? Score!

Obviously, today was a good day. I think I cooked more today than I have any other day in this class. It was fun and the food was great, plus I have leftovers of everything!

Chef made us bananas foster for dessert. By then I was so full, I only ate one bite! The booze flavor was a little overpowering, but the caramel sauce was really good anyway.

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