Thursday, April 15, 2010

Polenta Cakes and Risotto

For lack of a better word, and due to my desire not to use the term "casserole," I will call the first dish we made polenta cakes. We made the polenta a couple of days ago and left it in the walk-in to cool. It's just made with really fine cornmeal and water, so easy. Today we cut it into squares and fried it, then baked it in a pan with tomato sauce and mozzarella. It was so good!

We also made mushroom risotto. I worked with Tim like I usually do, and ours turned out the best! Risotto is easy to make, just sweat onions and garlic, add the rice and cook it for a bit, add a little white wine, then chopped up mushrooms (or anything), then add stock and continue to slowly add more until the risotto is cooked. We finished ours with Parmesan and butter, and topped it with some mushrooms that we had sauteed on the side. Mmmmushrooms. I love them.

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