Friday, April 23, 2010

Pho, Spring Rolls, and Pad Thai

Today we focused on those glassy noodles you find in pho and pad Thai.

Corrinne and I made the sausage meatballs and sliced the beef for the pho, so we could eat some right away. I love soup so much; pho is no exception. I can't stop pronouncing it wrong in my head, though. It's pronounced "fuh" but I keep thinking "fo." Oh well.

I made a spring roll for myself. I've never been a huge fan; they were decent. Other people went crazy for them. I used a lot of Sriracha today, in the pho and in my spring roll.

The pad Thai was good; Pedro made mine since I was busy cleaning so we could get out early. Dev and I have to get down to Laughlin tonight and we want to beat traffic!

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